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The procedure if you refuse to have cookies installed

The procedure to perform if you do not want these ‘third party’ cookies to be saved on your computer is as follows depending on your web browser and the proposed modalities that be suit you:

For Mozilla firefox

  1. Choose the ‘Tools’ menu, then ‘Options’
  2. Click on the ‘Privacy’ icon
  3. Go to the ‘cookie’ menu and select the options that suit you

More information is available on the Mozilla website

For Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Choose the ‘Tools’ menu, then ‘Internet options’
  2. Click on the ‘Privacy’ icon
  3. Select the desired level using the cursor

More information is available on the Microsoft Windows website 

For Google Chrome

  1. Got to the Chrome/’Preferences’ menu
  2. Click on ‘Display advanced settings’
  3. Click on ‘Content settings’ in the ‘Privacy’ section
  4. Click on ‘website data cookies’ in the new window
  5. CClick on ‘Delete all’ and confirm by clicking on ‘OK’

More information is available on the Google website

For Safari

  1. Got to the Safari/’Preferences’ menu
  2. Click on ‘Privacy’
  3. In ‘Block cookies’ check ‘Always’

More information is available on the Apple website


To learn about the options offered by any other browser and the deletion procedures for cookies stored on your computer, the CNIL explains in this link the procedures to perform to limit your footprint on the web and, more generally, informs you about the cookie settings mechanisms .

Right to access, rectification and deletion of personal data

You have the right to access, rectification and deletion of your personal data sent through a cookie under the terms indicated in the paragraph ‘Personal Data’ in the ‘Legal Notice’ page of the VNF website.

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